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Xceptional Wildlife provide wildlife control solutions for a variety of Georgia's Nuisance Wildlife problems. Conflicts with humamn and wildlife occur when animals invade homes, businesses and commercial properites. We strive to solve humane wildlife conflicts by providing effective, long-term solutions to prevent animals from entering homes and buildings. We offer humane solutions such as Wildlife Exclusions, Foundation Sealing, and installing preventative equipment such as Roof Vent Guards, Chimney Caps, and microwave and dryer vent covers.

Wildlife Prevention

The best mehtod of dealing with a wildlife problems is to prevent the problem from ever happening. If an animal is allowed to enter and stay in a home they can cause major damages. Wildlife Prevention starts with determing vulnerabilities of the home, just like people animals need food, water and are in search of safe shelter. Animals often times will move into attics, basements, garages, chimneys, and vents. These are all areas that should be looked at when animal proofing a home. Make sure vents are covered, chimney caps are installed and there are no holes in fascia boards, soffits, or foundations. There are also materials on the market that wildlife control experts can install to ensure animals are unable to chew through. Contact us today to discuss animal proofing your home.

Wildlife Exclusions

Wildlife Exclusion is a process of removing an animal from a structure without the need to trap it. An exclusion is performed by sealing the entire structure of all gaps and holes the animal can use to gain access. During the exclusion process, one entry point is left open and modified as to let the animal out but not let the animal to reenter the structure. This process is the most humane method of removing animals. This process allows the animal to exit naturally without placing harm or stress on the animal.

Wildlife Trapping

In some situations trapping is the best method of removal. There are times when trapping an animal is necessary for a permanent solution to a wildlife problem. Some of the animals that we trap include Skunks, Raccoons, Opossums, Beaver, Fox and Moles. Moles are an example where trapping is the best method. Dependent upon the situation trapping moles is the only way to completely solve a problem of moles digging in the yard. There are situations with other animals that an exclusion method may be used, such as skunks under porches. Wildife Control technicians are able to use a material to prevent the animal from digging under a structure, but trapping may also be used in this situation. More information on Georgia Wildlife Trapping.

Wildlife Deterrents

Deterrents methods are often used in the wildlife control industry. Animals such as Birds respond really well to Deterrent items such as eagle eyes and bird spiders that are placed on a building as a scare method. Other methods of bird deterrents are Electrical shock and a product called Bird Slide, installation of these products make roosting unattractive to the birds, therefore they move to another location away from the area. More information on Georgia Bird Control methods.

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