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Xceptional Wildlife provide complete Residential and Commercial Bird Control services throughout Georgia. We are experts at implementing the most effective bird control methods in the industry. We will customize a Bird Control program specific to your problem while use scientifically proven techniques to deter birds while eliminating current bird problems. Xceptional Employs a variety of techniques that has been proven effective to control Georgia's nuisance bird problems.

Commercial Bird Control Services

Birds are a costly pest for businesses. The major problem associated with these nuisance pests are the mess they create with bird droppings. Bird droppings are corrosive and can erode paint, building finishes creating major unnecessary repairs and continuous ongoing maintenance problems.

Commercial customer often face problems with birds roosting on store fronts such as grocery stores, shopping malls, store signs, parking light fixtures and other buildings where people gather such as retail stores and restaurants. There are also occasions where birds find their way into grocery stores and malls. This causes businesses a major health hazard, with the possibility of food contamination from these droppings. Health Departments can close food establishments that sales if a bird is inside. These birds will need to be captured and removed from inside the store or mall as soon as possible.

Xceptional Wildlife provides complete Commercial Bird Control services throughout Georgia.

Common Atlanta Commercial Bird Problems

  • Birds Roosting on Signs
  • Birds Roosting on Ledges
  • Birds in Grocery Stores & Malls
  • Birds Roosting on Buildings
  • Birds Roosting on Light Poles
  • Bird Fecal Droppings
Birds Roosting Atlanta GA

Bird Deterrents

There is a variety of bird deterrent systems sold that can be overwhelming to the novice. Choosing the right system is imperative to effectively solving a bird problem. Deterrent systems dissuade and prevent birds from landing, roosting, and nesting on structures. A correct deterrent system will force them to move on to a new roosting location. These bird proofing systems include Bird Wire, Bird Slides, Bird Netting, Bird Spiking, Bird Spiders, and Eagle Eyes are among a few systems available. Our experts can perform an on site evaluation to determine the best application to completely solve your bird problem.

Bird Netting

Bird Netting is often done for warehouses, outdoor awnings, open air buildings such as parking lots and garages. Netting prevents birds from roosting on beams and other structures. Bird netting is often made of high density polyethylene twine, twisted and knotted to form a strong impenetrable bird barrier. It is available in colors such as black, beige and cream to blend in with a variety of structures. The netting is coated with a U.V. treatment making it more resistant to the effects of the sun and virtually rot proof. Your Wildlife Control Technician will conduct a detailed site survey to evaluate the bird problem and determine if bird netting is the right application.

Bird Spiking

Bird Spiking is an deterrent application that prevents the birds from roosting on signs, building ledges, window sills, i-beams and light posts. Bird spiking is common application for commercial applications. Bird Spiking does not harm birds it simply creates an uneven surface that prevents a bird from landing. The spiking is flexible and can be installed on flat or curved surfaces and is available in plastic and stainless steel. Bird Spiking is sold in a variety of sizes for the type of bird you are having a problem with. Our bird control experts have the knowledge to determine the best bird spiking application for you bird roosting problem, contact us today for an on site evaluation.

Residential Bird Control Services

Homeowners often times face problems with birds getting into bathroom vents, microwave vents, and attics of homes. Typically they are small birds such as house sparrows in search of a high, safe place to build a nest to have their babies. A bird nest in a home’s vent or attic is not an ideal nor desired situation for homeowner. Birds Nesting can lead to dead bird babies, and bird mites. Our experts will remove birds from a vent, cleanup all nesting material, and disinfect and deodorize the vent to kill mites and bacteria. Once the cleanup has been performed, the vent will be covered with a bird guard to prevent any future bird infestation. Whatever the bird situation may be, we can help.

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